Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing

Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing

Storing and transporting products from supplier to the ultimate customer requires an experienced partner. NUPCO proudly possesses a robust system for supply chain management to efficiently run medical warehouses and transport medical supplies and equipment for governmental health organizations.




Customizable Supply Chain Solutions

From warehousing to distribution, we extend a wide range of customizable solutions, developed through innovative services. These solutions are targeted to cost-effectively operate and manage medical storage and distribution with best practices and standards.


Inventory Management made Easy through Warehousing

We ensure our solutions meet our customers’ logistics requirements, from start till end. Our high-tech warehouse facilities assist you to reduce inventory cost and achieve efficient inventory control management, keeping in mind the international standards pertaining to healthcare facilities. NUPCO makes your supply chain more competent and helps you accomplish economic benefits by minimizing stock wastage.


Trusted to Efficiently Handle and Transport

Our unmatched and highly-specialized transportation service coordinates and distributes all grades of complex medical supplies and equipment for your health organization. We boast experts in the health care industry to handle and ship high-value products of any grade or specification.


Reliable Distribution System

Our reliable and highly reactive team helps distribute your medical equipment and supplies from their primary location to the desired destination, all while maintaining highest medical safety standards and security.